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acupuncture treatment

Aynsley Evoli works in association with Consultant Psychologist, Garret Cronin Bsc (Hons) CQSW, DCG, CPM, DCB

Many patients are surprised at the individual attention they receive whilst having their Acupuncture treatment -  especially the many different questions that are asked in order to get to know everything about the patient so that each treatment can be tailored to his/her individual needs. Each patient is an individual and each symptom or problem is unique to each person. The better your Practitioner gets to know you - how you feel, your fears, your emotions - the more she can help you.

If you have more deep seated problems and need that extra help, then acupuncture combined with psychology is the right combination. The acupuncture will deal with the physical body whilst the psychology will give you the "tools" to deal with your emotional problems in order for you to go forward in your life.

Garret Cronin's Profile

Garret has over 27 year experience of working across a variety of settings within the field of mental health. He has worked with Professor Simon Baron – Cohen and Professor Lewis Wolpert  at Cambridge University;  headhunted by Dame Camila  Batmanghelidjh  founder and Director of Kids Company to develop ground breaking emotional wellbeing curriculum; delivered master classes to CEOs on Emotional Resilience and to Post Doctorates  at Cambridge and Oxford Universities. He was invited by the House of Commons Cross Party Committee on Mental Health to give a presentation on MPs mental wellbeing.

Garret also works as a trouble shooter/mediator in complex employee mental health cases with the aim of compliance with equality legislation; risk assessment and return to work options without recourse to going to court.

His current clinical interest is the socio-biological factors involved in stress management and wellbeing. He also has a clinical interest in acupuncture and works closely with a local acupuncturist  Aynsley Evoli.

Garret Cronin strongly believes that Acupuncture is the way forward in helping many people with mental health and emotional issues. Mr Cronin commented as follows:

"With my ever growing knowledge of acupuncture, I am amazed at its'  capacity to harness mental and physical well being and balance. I see this as integration; the connection between mind and body; how emotions influence one's physical health. Indeed, once the body is released of the stress and emotional dysfunction that was "stored" -  it can be "unblocked" through Acupuncture and real recovery can begin. Properly performed acupuncture can, from my clinical experience, support in the treatment of anxiety, depression and be used as an alternative to antidepressants - particularly when working with young people."

Mr Cronin also has a Skype clinic for consultations in the relaxation of your own home at an affordable price. Please see the link for full details on issues that he deals with or send an email for an initial telephone consultation to see if he can help you.

More information on Mr Cronin's work please see:


For more information about acupuncture and psychology, call

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