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Akabane Balancing Therapy in Norwich, Norfolk

Akabane testing is an acumoxa method for assessing and testing the autonomic nervous system and its neurological pathway imbalances.  In short - various symptoms can flag up if one of the 12 meridian energy pathways when one or more is out of balance.  A Deacon in the Chinese Christian Church, a Dr James Tin Yau So, travelled and provided charity care to tens of thousands of patients in various Asian countries, including Japan.  It was in Japan that he found this technique, attributed to an acupuncturist named Chi-Yu Shi. 

What is an Akabane Imbalance?

The body has twelve meridians running symetrically up and down, left and right on each side.  These meridians, or energy pathways, usually start near the finger and toe nails. The energy must travel around the body at the same pace equally on both left and right hand side. Rather like a plumbing system.  If any of these pathways becomes blocked or imbalanced then various symptomatic problems that are pertinent to the characteristic of that meridian will flag up.  This is nature's way of alerting you that not all is well.   Eg - Migraine, headaches, insomnia might manifest in either the Gall Bladder or Liver Merdian and by simply correcting this imbalance, the migraine can correct itself.  Anxiety and stress can show up in an imbalance in the bladder or kidney meridian - Vertigo, sickness, menstrual problems can flag up in either the stomach or spleen meridians.  But it is also noted that these symptoms can also show up as imbalances in other meridians as well. 

How is an Akabane imbalance treated?

The meridian point used to check for an imbalance are found on the end of the fingers and toes.  These are tested by reading the heat tolerance with a heated moxa stick which is held precisely over the point being tested, approximately 3-4mm away from the skin.  The practitioner will count in his head, comparing the time on the left and right hand side which should be equal or within a short range of each other.  Any imbalance will be shown by an unequal time difference.  This can simply then be rectified by needling the deficient side of the body.  The blockage is then removed and the energy returns to a balanced state.  The symptoms the patients is suffering from usually disappears completely or is noticeably lessened. 

Who Could Benefit?

Some of the conditions that may benefit from Akabane balancing therapy:

An experienced practitioner can treat any location on the body utilizing Akabane Balancing Therapy with great success.

Migraine        Headaches        Insomnia        Anxiety        Panic Disorders        Depression        Irritability        Stress        Menstrual Problems        IBS

Urinary Problems        Constipation        Menopausal symptoms        Circulation        Anger issues        Motivation        Asthma        Allergies       Hayfever

Excema        Digestion disorder        Acid Reflux        Immune Support        .........................and many more.   Please call to discuss your individual needs.  

Akabane Balancing Therapy: Compliments Traditional Five Element Acupuncture

I always start an acupuncture treatment off by checking and balancing any Akabane Imbalances.  This way I believe the body can then fully benefit from a traditional acupuncture treatment from a perfectly balanced energy state.  

The Benefit of Akabane Balancing Therapy

Most patients respond immediately to Akabane Balancing Therapy and feel instant relief as pain signals are reset and the body relaxes.  In fact many patients begin to be able to recognise their various weaknesses and are able to recognise that a treatment is needed before anything more chronic sets in.  This is where the old saying of "Prevention is better than Cure" comes to the fore!

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